Dimensional Stones, Capstones & Copings


Dimensional Stones are cut stones with rectilinear edges, making installation of natural stone quite easy. Dimensional Stones include Pavers (Stepping Stones), Capstones, and Copings. All are a timeless natural resource that enhances the beauty of any built landscaped area. 

Capstones and Copings are typically used for natural stone wall caps or pool copings. We carry a wide variety of natural capstones and treads with various natural and/or thermal finishes. Create your own desired pattern with various sizes for a patio and most dimensional stones are offered from 12" X 12" size. Custom stone sizes can be special ordered. 

For extended project assistance, please make an appointment before your visit by emailing info@lyngsogarden.com 

Disclaimer: Many stone types may have concentrations of iron, and with the exposure to moisture, rust stains may be bleeding to the surface of the stone. For many stone types there is no way of knowing prior to installation if this will be an issue.

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