Sand, Gravel & Decorative Aggregates

The key to landscaping in California is to maximize water efficiency, and strategically use decorative rocks and fillers in places where plants can’t grow. Designing your exteriors to be functional, efficient, and aesthetically appealing is a great way to increase your enjoyment and the value of your home. To improve your landscape's function, choose from a wide variety of filler materials, such as our sands, pea gravels, and crushed grain rock, as well as base rock materials. To increase aesthetic beauty, we offer a large variety of crushed rock, as well as decorative, polished, and premium pebbles. See for a guide to all our landscaping sands, gravels, and rocks.

Disclaimer: Product pictures of natural stone are not an exact representation of the product hues seen in natural light. There are natural color variations in stone and exact color match is not guaranteed. We recommend verifying the product color at our location before placing your order online.

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