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Origin: North America Classification: Sandstone Color Range: Warm Tones Finishes: Natural Cleft Applications: Walkways, Pathways, Patios, Accents Arizona Flagstone is a standup select grade flagstone that is available in large sheets of random shapes. It can be used for patios, steppingstones, or any flat surface that you want to cover with flagstone. Due to the natural cleft and the porosity, this natural paving stone spalls, meaning, the top layer of the stone peels off with wear. In a shady damp area, particularly in winter months, algae and moss growth which can permanently stain the stone. Some landscapes desire this look but to deter algae and moss growth, use a stone sealer. This sedimentary sandstone is available in a variety of southwest colors: Sedona Red, Rosa, Peach, Buckskin, Buff, Classic Oak, and variations in between. Available in two thickness: 1"- 1 ¾” and thinner 1" minus. For sand setting application, use the thicker 1" - 1 ¾” flagstone. For the 1" minus flagstone, special care needs to be taken since the stone is very fragile and brittle. It is intended to be set in mortar on a concrete base to protect it from cracking

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