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As one of the few  Black Owl Biochar ("B.O.B") has become the sought after biochar, due to its consistency of its optimally-designed characteristics for:

> Building healthy soil
> Hosting beneficial microbes and fungi
> Reducing acidity Improving tilth and aeration
> Retaining nutrients
> Water-holding capacity = 5-6x its weight, good in droughts
> Saving on irrigation water

An application rate of 5%-10% is typical to maximize the utility of your potting mix/soil.  BOB's particle size remains in the essential root area and won't wash through the soil like other amendments. It is therefore, typically a one-time application.

All Black Owl Biochar (TM) products have greater than 70% Organic Carbon. IBI defines a Class One biochar as any biochar consisting of anything greater than 60% Organic Carbon. Black Owl Biochar's Pure & Natural, Premium Organic Biochar is OMRI-Listed.

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