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Malibu Compost's Compost Tea for Plants, Trees & Shrubs helps create strong, healthy vigorous plants in an organic way, rather than using synthetics or conventional Ag by-products. Each pack includes 4 compost tea bags.

Simply drop a tea bag into water, stir and let sit overnight. Squeeze and stir the next morning and drench the soil of your plants and/or add to a spray bottle for a foliar spray. See all the benefits below of using Compost Tea for your healthy garden:

Supports your garden to create healthy soil
Improves soil tilth and soil structure
Improves plant growth
Creates stronger, healthier plants
Speeds up the breakdown of toxins
Mitigates transplant shock
Reduces water loss on your property
Improves water retention
Improves root depth
Improves soil compaction
No conventional Ag by-products
No greenwaste
No pesticides
No herbicides
No growth hormones
No sewage sludge
Does not have cheap fillers, synthetics or GMO feedstocks
Simple and easy to use

Directions For Use:

1. Add 1 tea bag to 2 to 5 gallons of water.
2. Steep compost tea bag for 8 to 12 hours, then use immediately.
3. After steeping, give the tea bag a squeeze, then remove it from the compost tea.
4. Recycle tea bag into your compost pile or garden.
5. Aerate compost tea by stirring for a moment before applying.
6. Use a watering can to drench the soil base with compost tea, or use a sprayer to apply to your plants, trees and shrubs. When drenching, apply tea at the same rate as a normal watering for the specific plant.
7. Apply once a month for optimum results.


Compost (organic dairy cow manure, straw, wood chips, and concentrations of yarrow, chamomile, valerian, stinging nettle, dandelion and oak bark).