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Double Doody Compost is an earthy blend of nutrient-rich horse and cow manure. Adds vigor to plants, promotes root growth, aids water penetration, and improves the structure and quality of the soil. Perfect for veggies, shrubs, trees, plants, and gardens, Point Reyes Double Doody is an excellent top dressing to help protect roots and soil from temperature damage. Lab-tested for the highest nutrient value, Double Doody has an excellent carbon to nitrogen ratio and iron reserve, and can assist in correcting any degree of deficiency of phosphorous, potassium and sulfate. Its stability and maturity means the rich nutrients are readily available – little of this stout stuff goes a long, long way. Nutrient-wise, it offers three basic elements critical to plant health: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen allows plants to produce the proteins needed to build living tissue for green stems, strong roots, and lots of leaves. Phosphorus helps move energy throughout the plant, especially important in maturing plants. Potassium aids plants in adapting sugars needed in growth and is especially helpful in root crops. Double Doody Compost is CDFA OIM listed for organic use.

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