Essential Soil Blend is a substitute soil mix for our regular Essential Soil and is only available seasonally when Essential Soil is out of stock.

Essential Soil Blend is an all-natural mix that is engineered to resist compaction, has excellent water penetration, good aeration, and will support rapid root growth. Essential Soil Blend is recommended for raised planter beds and will support excellent root growth. An ideal soil for vegetables and fruit trees.

Essential Soil Blend is comprised of the following: ¼”-Pea Gravel which is an inorganic mineral component for drainage and aeration; Organic Garden Compost provides organic matter and soluble nutrients; ¼-Fir Bark is a wood amendment acts as carbon matter; Coarse Sand is an inorganic mineral component; Bio-Nutrient Package provides soil microbiology.

Due to the biological nature of the Essential Soil, proper irrigation and mulch cover is required. Do not let the soil sit fallow. Cover cropping during Winter is highly recommended.

We sell the Essential Soil Blend in one cubic foot bag, we supply the bags and you fill them. For large areas, you'll want to purchase the Mix by the cubic yard. We can load your truck or for a fee, have us deliver to your home or job site.