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A HYDROLYZED LIQUID FISH FERTILIZER All-purpose water-soluble concentrated plant food for all plants, flowers, vegetables, and trees. For all home, garden and commercial growers. CERTIFIED ORGANIC INPUT MATERIAL Fish On! is hydrolyzed through a state of the art system leaving no wasted fish at the end of the process. All parts of fish are used including bone – increasing the calcium and phosphorous over other competitors. Only wild caught pacific northwest fish – as many as 25 to 30 species for greater diversity and minerals. NO OIL EXTRACTED – will not burn plants or trees and acts as a tremendous food base for microbial activity. Feeds plants and soil resulting in LARGE, delicious, healthy, high producing plants. Fish On! 2-4-0.2 is the finest, most potent, liquid organic fish fertilizer produced in the Pacific Northwest. Processed in a state of the art facility located just a few miles from local fisheries in the Coos Bay, Oregon area. All processing equipment is new and able to process and use 100% of the fresh fish carcasses received on a daily basis from the local fish processing industry. From the time the fish is received and processed at the local fisheries, we start our process of fertilizer production within a 24 hours. Because the fish carcasses are as fresh as they can be, no nutrients are lost and odor is just that of fresh fish. Most competitors will screen out fish bones in their process which amounts to approximately 10% of the inbound fish. The bones they screen out are full of phosphorous, calcium, and additional micro-nutrients. Although we screen our finished product through a 200 mesh screening operation to be sure of no clogging, practically 100% of the inbound carcasses make up our finished product. This is important because fish bones contain approximately 27% phosphorous, 18% calcium plus an array of micro-nutrients. Benefits - Is a food base for microbial activity. - Excellent for compost teas. - Can be mixed with virtually any other inputs. - Can be used anytime throughout the growing season. - No run off into riparian environments - No phytotoxicity, no toxic effects on plant growth. DERIVED FROM: Hydrolyzed Fish and Phosphoric Acid as a stabilizer. Product developed and produced in the USA using many species of fish for greater mineralization. GUARANTEED ANALYSIS Total Nitrogen (N) -—————— 2% 0.14% — Ammoniacal Nitrogen 1.63% — Water Soluble Nitrogen 0.23% — Water Insoluble Nitrogen Available Phosphate (P2O5) —— 4% Soluble Potash (K2O) ————— 0.2% Application Rates Directions for Growers & Commercial Agriculture. Agitate (shake well). It is important to agitate well to ensure a homogeneous product. If used as a foliar, organic growers will typically use 15 to 20 gallons per acre. Add to irrigation system along with Kelp Help! approximately 1 part kelp to ten parts fish. If applied to soil, 35 to 50 gallons per acre is typical. The best method is to apply through your irrigation system several times throughout the season for a total of 35 to 50 gallons per acre. Dilution rates vary based upon the different irrigation systems. Generally, Drip Systems and Foliar Spray Systems require a dilution of 15 parts water to 1 part fish Micro-Emitters and Sprinkler Systems require no dilution and can be injected directly into irrigation pipes. Be sure to use all material that has been mixed with water. Do not store diluted material. DIRECTIONS-Shake well before using. For use as a foliar and soil application. DILUTION-Mix 4 ounces per one gallon of water to make solution. FOLIAR AND SOIL APPLICATION: Apply solution 2 to 3 times per month for either soil or foliar application during growing season. HYDROPONIC APPLICATION: Foliar feed at pre-bloom, bloom, and early fruit set. SOAKING SEEDS AND BULBS: Allow to soak overnight. CUTTINGS AND TRANSPLANTS: Soak soil around root zone and spray roots at transplanting with solution. FLOWERS AND POTTED PLANTS: For best results, fertilize regularly and mist foliage between watering with solution. VEGETABLES & BERRY PLANTS: Fertilize one week before planting, soak soil with solution at planting and every 7 to 10 days while growing. Mist foliage with solution between watering. FRUIT AND SHADE TREES: Soil application 1 to 2 times per month and use as foliar between soil applications. OUTDOOR PLANTS & TREES: Spray with solution at pre-bloom, full bloom and early fruit set. Apply solution to soil every 3 to 6 weeks. LAWNS: Spray with solution once a month with solution. COMPOST ENHANCER: Spray solution over compost. One gallon makes up to 50 gallons of solution.

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