Kids Sandbox With Top
Kids Sandbox With Top
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Kids Sandbox With Top

Kids Sandbox With Top

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ON SALE! REGULAR PRICE $370.70 • Quality constructed wooden sandbox has wonderful design features! • Vinyl roof has highest possible UV rating (90) to safeguard children from harmful rays • Retractable roof can be cranked down to close off the sandbox when not in use. This keeps leaves and debris from collecting in the sandbox and offers a great solution to keeping cats and other animals out. • Bench-like seats along the edge • Sits on ground, no bottom floor – can be moved easily • Original eco-friendly product - Made in Austria from water-treated pine that is safe for children, pets, and the environment! Wood is harvested from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified government-controlled forests. This regulates the use of wood and the replanting of trees for a sustainable future! • Hold up to 400 lbs. of sand (4 Lyngso U-sack bags) • Assemble required OVERALL DIMENSIONS: BENCH: 56” L X 56” W X 8” H PLAY AREA: 44” L X 44” W TOTAL HEIGHT: 52” H WEIGHT: 48 lbs.

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