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Our Landscape Mix (formerly "Nursery Mix") is an all-purpose soil mix for outdoor use. It contains Virgin Sandy Loam, Redwood Sawdust, Organic Garden Compost, and Organic Crustacean Meal. You can spread it out over an existing soil and turn it under wherever you need to raise the grade and improve your soil. Our Landscape Mix can also be used for under new sod installation with an application of Bio-Turf or Bio-Live organic fertilizers. If you are growing vegetables we recommend using either the Essential Soil or our Lyngso Vegetable Blend. For vegetables, the Landscape Mix will need either an application of organic fertilizer like Bio-Fish or All Purpose or a 2" application of Diestel Structured Compost worked into the top 6"-8" of the raised bed. We sell the Landscape Mix in one cubic foot bags, we supply the bags, you fill them. For larger areas, you'll want to purchase the Nursery Mix by the cubic yard. We can load your truck or for a fee, have us deliver to your home or job-site.

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