Natural Organic Potting Mix Par

Natural Organic Potting Mix Par

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Price: $14.80

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Natural and Organic Potting Mix that contains an optimum blend of natural components to provide maximum air space and moisture holding capacity. Each bag has a rich blend of natural fertilizers. Includes amicrobial inoculant to help convert the natural fertilizers into plant-ready nutrients. Mycorrhizae is also added for maximum root development and nutrition- gathering capacity. Great for vegetable, flower and herb gardens. Indoor and outdoor use.

Contains: Aged Pacific Northwest Bark, Coir Fiber, Worm Compost, Earthworm Castings, Perlite and Diatomite plus Organic Fertilizers and Mycorrhizae Fungi.
OMRI Listed, CDFA Registered, MycoApply(R) Certified.

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