Oregon Bull Organic Aged Humus

Oregon Bull Organic Aged Humus

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Oregon Bull Organic Aged Humus is not a compost, it is the manure of cattle that has been left to decompose over time. The manure comes from an old feed yard where animals were grass fed and barley finished. This was before the days of GMO, hormones and antibiotics. The process of humifaction is much slower than composting and involves a greater diversity of microbes including fungi. You will notice on the Soil Food Web Report that the Oregon Bull Organic Aged Humus has a higher fungal count than compost, it has a more diverse soil food web and will benefit a wide range of plants.

The Oregon Bull Organic Aged Humus can be used for food crops including vegetable gardens, fruit trees, berries and as well as roses and perennials. As with all composts and worm castings, you can apply the Humus as a top dressing but then do apply mulch on top to protect it from the sun, wind, and rain.

Due to the fine nature of the humus you will find that it may shed water if it is dry. If you incorporate it into the soil lightly that will help to remoisten it. If you are side dressing then wet the soil, apply the Oregon Bull, then apply a 2-3" layer of mulch and then water the mulch. It will supply soluble nutrients and lots of life. A 3/8"-1/2" layer on top of the soil followed by mulch is all you need for most plants. If incorporating it into the soil 1/2" - 1" of Oregon Bull to a depth of 6-8" soil is sufficient from a wide range of plants. If planting vegetables, go with the higher rate of 1" and incorporate to a depth of 6-8" of soil.

We sell the Oregon Bull Organic Aged Humus in one cubic foot bags, we supply the bags, you fill them. For larger areas, you will want to purchase the Humus by the cubic yard. We can load your truck or for a fee, you rent our rental truck or we can deliver the Humus to you. For orders over 40 yards please call us for direct pricing.

Oregon Bull Organic Aged Humus is OMRI and CDFA listed for organic use.

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