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Potting Mix Blend is a substitute for our regular Potting Mix and is available only when our Potting Mix is out of stock.

Our Potting Mix Blend was designed with containers in mind. Potting Mix Blend consists of Sandy Loam, 5/16" Horticulture Lava, Coarse Sand, Organic Garden Compost, 1/4"-Fir Bark, Ligna Peat, Organic Feather Meal and Organic Fish Bone Meal. Simply fill your containers and planters with the Potting Mix and plant. Potting Mix can also be used as a soil amendment to aerate and retain water within the soil. Spread it 2-3 inches over the planting bed and mix it in with the existing soil. Recommended mix for California native plants. Use a third of Potting Mix, a third of native soil, and a third of soil the container comes in. If high Nitrogen levels are desired in the mix, use a slow-release organic fertilizer such as our Down to Earth Feather Meal 12-0-0. Alternatively, Organic Diestel Compost or the Biodynamic Bu's Blend Compost may be added to the mix.

We sell the Potting Mix Blend in one cubic foot bags, we supply the bags and you fill them. For large areas, you'll want to purchase the Potting Mix by the cubic yard. We can load your truck or for a fee, have us deliver the Potting Mix to your home or job site.