#2 Olympia Sand - Special Order

#2 Olympia Sand - Special Order

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Product Information

Olympia Sand #2 is used for making plaster, mortar or stucco and can also be used for sandboxes. It is a more coarse material than Olympia Sand #1, which provides it with better construction properties.

We sell both Olympia Sand #1 and Olympia Sand #2 in one cubic foot bags. Lyngso will supply the bags and you can fill as many as you need. For larger areas, you'll want to purchase Olympia Sand by the ton. We can load your truck for you, or for a fee, you can use our rental truck and load the sand on your own, or have us deliver to you. For orders over 20 tons please call us for direct pricing.

#2 Olympia Sand may qualify for LEED Local/Regional Materials credit. Distances vary for each project location. Please verify the materials accordingly.

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