1 1/2" Crushed Drain Rock - Special Order

1 1/2" Crushed Drain Rock - Special Order

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Product Information

1 1/2" Crushed Drain Rock is used for back-filling perforated drainpipes and French drains, allowing water flow in your intended direction. The 1 1/2" Crushed Drain Rock is also a sturdy material for potholes and driveways. The crushed rock locks together making a more stable surface and provide a strong foundation.

Please note: accurate product pictures can be found by clicking on 'VIEW MORE' under the currently displayed picture.

We sell the 1 1/2" Crushed Drain Rock in a truckload volume, please call us for pricing.

1 1/2" Crushed Drain Rock may qualify for LEED Local/Regional Materials credit. Distances vary for each project location. Please verify the materials accordingly.

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