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Composted Mulch is derived from composted wood from composting green waste facility. This material has been through a 9–20-week composting process. During the composting period, accepted thermophilic composting procedures are performed to accomplish pathogen reduction through time and temperature (130-170 degrees (F) throughout the composting period). This ensures a thoroughly composted, weed and pathogen free product.

Compost Mulch is screened to 1”-3’’ in size and contains fines. Compost Mulch is an excellent ground cover that greatly enhances the aesthetic appearance of landscapes. Composted Mulch can help retain moisture, control weeds, and help prevent erosion. In addition, this Composted Mulch has demonstrated to be less combustible and less floatable compared to other wood mulches.

Composted Mulch is also considered as a no-float mulch and is highly recommended for use in Bioretention areas. Composted Mulch is OMRI listed organic as a soil amendment and a weed and disease control product.

Composted Mulch complies with SB 1383 requirements and is produced in a fully permitted composting facility conforming to the State of California regulations set forth by the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) Title 14, Division 7 California Code of Regulations governing composting operations.

Composted Mulch is available for customers using it under the SB 1383 or as no-float mulch in bioretention areas.

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