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Lin Creek Cobbles are rounded river rock cobblestones; however, some cobblestones are fractured and split. Colors include brown, tan, rust, grey, and blue-grey. The cobbles are commonly used for dry creek beds, borders, under oak trees and water features.

LIN CREEK COBBLES WILL CONTAIN FINES - after installation, water the fines down to settle the dust and to expose the pebbles. Weed fabric not recommended under cobbles.

The 2"-4" Lin Creek Cobbles will cover about 85 square feet of area and the 3"-8" Lin Creek Cobbles will cover about 60 square feet of area.

Lin Creek Cobbles are sold in cubic foot sacks, we supply the bags, you load them. For larger areas, you will want to purchase the Lin Creek Cobbles in bulk by the ton. We can load your pickup truck or for a fee, have us deliver the Lin Creek Cobbles to your home or job site. If you need increments of 25 tons please call us for special pricing. We sell these pebbles by the ton, or by the U-Sack. With the U-Sacks, one full bag weighs 100 pounds, but you can fill them 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 full for easier carrying.

Lin Creek Cobbles may qualify for LEED Local/Regional Materials credit. Distances vary for each project location. Please verify the materials accordingly.