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Garden Compost is composted green waste and is OMRI and CDFA listed as organic. It is a rich amendment that is especially good for improving soils that are too sandy and drain too fast as well as to amend clay soil. Garden Compost is still warm, so spread it out on the surface or mix into your existing soil.  Spread the Garden Compost to a depth of 2 inches and mix in with your soil.

Although the Garden Compost is listed as CDFA OIM, it is still a recycled product so it may occasionally contain small inert debris such as plastic or glass. Therefore, we don't recommend it for organic food production. If you are looking for compost to grow organic vegetable, please consider using our Organic Diestel Structured Compost.

We sell the Garden Compost in one cubic foot bags, we supply the bags, you fill them. For larger areas, you will want to purchase the Garden Compost by the cubic yard. We can load your truck or for a fee, have us deliver to your home or jobsite. For orders over 40 cubic yards, please call us for direct pricing.

Garden Compost is OMRI and CDFA listed for organic use.


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