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Rice Straw Wattles are excellent for use on check dam’s perimeter control, and as a silt fence replacement. This lightweight product is designed to provide two methods of sediment removal. First, by letting sediment settle through pending, second, the flow-through filtration allows for additional sediment, removal. Easy installation with minimal trenching needed.

Rice Straw Wattles are also used around culverts or along the edge of a sidewalk to filter and slow water flows into the culvert.

Install wattles in a prepared contoured concave trench 2 to 4 inches deep along the proposed installation route. This helps prevent water undercutting the roll. Drive stakes on alternating sides of the roll. When more than one roll is used, they should be butted up end to end and not overlapped.

Installation recommendation: Fiber rolls to be installed in a 2 – 3” trench, held down by driving wood stakes perpendicular to the ground.

All wattles are machine produced with certified noxious weed-free rice straw, compacted in a continuous photodegradable netting material creating consistent densely filled Pre-manufactured Fiber Rolls. Exterior netting is non-biodegradable.

Rice Straw Wattles are 100% Certified Weed Free

Meets Cal Trans Specifications

8" diameter X 25' length

Made in the USA.

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